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Linux Kernel Mode Driver Development

Linux Kernel Mode Drivers enable an high-level Software Optimization of the used specific Hardware. Only custom designed Linux Drivers can allow for instance an efficient high-speed data exchange between the Arm® Application Process System and the FPGA-Fabric by using technics such as Direct memory access (DMA) and Interrupt requests.

  • Linux Kernel Mode Direct memory access (DMA) Driver development
  • Linux Kernel Mode Interrupt request Driver development
  • Linux Kernel Mode Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM) (Shared-Memory) Driver development
  • Linux Kernel Mode Interface Driver development
  • Linux Device Tree Design
  • Linux Kernel Mode Interface Application design

Used Software Development Tools

  • OpenEmbedded Yocto Project
  • Intel® Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS)
  • Arm® Development Studio (DS-5)
  • Arm® Streamline
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Django (for Web Interface Design)
  • cmake, C++, gcc, Arm® Assembly, ...