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Linux Application Development

Embedded Linux Software development for instance for:

  • High-Speed FPGA-Fabric Interfaces
  • Embedded Networking and Desktop/Cloud communication
  • Web Interfaces
  • Data processing
  • FPGA and Board Monitoring
  • Linux service monitoring
  • High availability (HA) service clustering
  • Linux Application packaging
  • Secure FPGA-Fabric update manager
  • Software update and recovery management
  • Build and process automatization

Used Software Development Tools

  • OpenEmbedded Yocto Project
  • Intel® Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS)
  • Arm® Development Studio (DS-5)
  • Arm® Streamline
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Django (for Web Interface Design)
  • cmake, C++, gcc, Arm® Assembly, ...